ISD Music Delivery System
Deliver to audio devices including Ipod
Sell your music on line!

Our concept uses a plastic scratch card with a security number, which replaces the traditional CD. The card is redeemed online from our secure ISDSTREAM website and the music downloaded to the buyer's music library, for use in Ipods and other portable audio devices. By clicking on any redeem button anywhere within the website, the users card can be redeemed and the correct download delivered..


You can test the Card Redeem function here. To apply for a demonstration card, phone or email ISD

Standard downloads are in mp3 format which is readily cross compatible with many portable devices, without the restrictions placed by some on-line download services. Other formats are also available as options.

Vaughan Hillier , director of ISD explained; “ISD has been in the data delivery business using physical media for over 27 years. I came from a musical background, playing in bands and later working in the recording industry, and now ISD is a major producer of CDs and DVDs.”

“Apart from the obvious advantage of the cards being easy to transport to a gig, the price of 500 cards including encoding and upload to the website is about half the price of CDs,” said Vaughan. "This is a big advantage to small groups and bands on limited budgets and allows them to get their albums in front of a huge market at a very reasonable cost."

Custom printed cards available

Cards can be bought in small or large quantities and we are offering custom printed cards for bands or artists wanting 500 or more.

If you would like to know more about this new product, give ISD a call on (02) 9899 4044 or go to the new ISDSTREAM website to see and hear how your music can be presented.

To see a demonstrastion of how the download works, visit and enter redeem code 1122334


Audio Production

Whether you're making demos or wanting to produce a finished single or an album, we can help you. If you don't have material ready, we can arrange for the use of a professional recording studio in several locations.

Send us your material on cassette, mini disc, DAT, reel to reel, or a grab in MP3 (use our mail form to attach a file) and we'll assess it for you. Then if suitable we can create a master Audio CD ready for duplication or upload to our new music delivery website. We can also advise on Audio Sweetening to ensure you get the best possible sound from your recording.

Our printing facility can design and print your CD Booklet and Tray Insert in full colour or you can provide your own artwork - see our specifications in the accompanying menu.

Our product range includes CD production in any quantity. We have a range of Package Deals including quantities of 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 CDs. Larger quantities are also available, contact us for details.

Check our Special Deals - Full or Single Package

Full Package. CD Production, Mono or colour CD Printing, 4 page booklet & tray insert printing in full colour and packaging in CD jewel case.
Single Package. CD Production, Mono or Colour CD Printing, 2 Page Booklet printing in full colour and packaging in CD slimline jewel case.
CD Pressing Deals. CD Production, Screen or offset face Printing, 4 page colour booklet and tray insert supplied in standard jewel case. We can also supply cardboard sleeve or slimline packages.


Take advantage of any of our audio package deals and receive a FREE listing on our CD samples page. This will give you web exposure and increase potential sales.

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